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90% graphene heating and energy saving ten-year warranty is scam

Public information shows that graphene is a two-dimensional crystal base material composed of carbon atoms with a thickness of only one layer of atoms. That's right, it's one layer. Since it was successfully separated by physicists in 2004, it has been called an important technology to improve battery charging speed and promote the advancement of power battery technology because of its light weight, high strength, and super electrical conductivity. For a while, it seems that everything can be graphene. Words such as "graphene floor heating", "graphene bamboo charcoal", "graphene underwear" and "graphene mask" are flooded with business slogans.

In the past two years, graphene-related industries have been in full swing in China, especially graphene preparation and production companies, which have sprung up like bamboo shoots after a rain. Undoubtedly, as a pioneer in the new material industry, graphene is driving the upgrade of traditional manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, and the role of science and technology in guiding progress is becoming more and more significant. However, due to the public's little knowledge of graphene materials and the enthusiasm for graphene materials in the scientific community, the graphene industry is flourishing in China, showing the falsehood of "suddenly like a spring breeze, thousands of trees blooming" Prosperous scene.

Real graphene is a material with super high thermal conductivity. Theoretically, the thermal efficiency can reach more than 99%. Compared with traditional electric floor heating, it is more energy-efficient. However, the price of graphene materials is high, and the price of high-purity single-layer graphene is more than 1,000 yuan per gram. The application to civil heating is really a stage of conceptual hype. Therefore, most businesses claiming graphene floor heating are just looking for a gimmick. They sell graphene oxide-coated floor heating (low-cost semi-finished graphene products), or carbon fiber and carbon crystal floor heating. At present, graphene is used in batteries, mainly as conductive agents or lithium-intercalation materials for electrodes, and is still essentially a lithium-ion battery. And in floor heating, it can't be applied to civilians and mass production can't be realized. Why is graphene so difficult to produce commercially? The main reasons are as follows:

1. The cost is difficult to break through The real price of graphene is several hundred to several thousand yuan per gram, and the investment cycle in the application process is long. Such a high cost can only be afforded by giant companies.

2. The market recognition is not high Although various graphene application products are emerging on the market in an endless stream, there are not many killer products that are truly high-quality, high-value-added and reflect the unique properties of graphene. These applications have not played the role of replacing traditional materials, and some of them even have attenuation consequences, which are difficult to be recognized by the market.

3. Missing standards At present, the national-level graphene material standards have not yet been issued. Some companies and local governments have confused the concepts of graphite and graphene. There are also disputes between the academic and business circles on the standard determination of the number of graphene layers.

4. Application technology needs to be broken through At present, my country has more than 50 graphene preparation and related application development companies. However, there are only a handful of domestic companies that can produce single-layer graphene, and most of them are two-layer, three-layer or even multi-layer graphene.

Why are there so many graphene products? For heating, for waist protection, for physiotherapy. This is related to the habit of some Chinese people with novel pictures. When there are too many competitions for a product, some companies like to rely on the new hot words, "graphene" is on fire, so "graphene floor heating", "graphene physiotherapy" "Just out. The concept of speculation is also a way to increase profit margins.

Including Novoselov and others, they have also made it clear on various occasions that the large-scale application of graphene is currently unachievable, and it may be solved in ten years, or it may take longer, even if the Chinese study of graphene papers It ranks first in the world, but most research articles are off-track and invalid. Small-scale experimental applications are also groping and have not made much progress.

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