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Aster Far Infrared Integrated Ceiling Heating System

Aster far infrared heating System

Highlighted features:

Far infrared rays: salutary rays in the sunlight, transmitting energy to living organisms. Close to the vibration frequency of cellular molecules in human body, far-infrared rays can be absorbed by human skin and subcutaneous tissue and are known as “life light waves”. After penetrating into human body, far-infrared light can cause atoms and molecules of human body cells to resonate and increase the body temperature by means of such resonance and absorption. This explains why people feel warm and comfortable in the sunlight.

Direct thermal:transmits the heat energy directly to human body, objects, walls and floors through far-infrared radiation with no medium such as air involved, and achieves a thermal energy conversion rate of over 99%.

Radiation technology: achieves a far-infrared static radiation distance of over 3.5 meters. The patented wide-angle radiation technology enables Aster far infrared heater to accomplish wider-angle coverage and higher thermal efficiency.

Integrated ceiling heating system: Mainly applicable to integrated ceiling heating system, but also to wall hanging system. Adopting international standard and dimension, Aster far infrared heater fits the integrated ceiling module of offices and can be embedded into the original skeleton of the ceiling. Convenient wiring and invisible installation integrate Aster heater well into the office ceiling.

Unmatchable advantages:

Instant heating: instant heating speed is only 3 seconds.

Highly safe: burn-proof plate contains no flammable or harmful substance as certified by CE.

Free maintenance: requires no cleaning, materials add-ons, replacements or maintenance and can serve for more than 20 years if it only incurs natural wear-and-tear.

Smart control: smart temperature control system satisfies users’ needs for time division, time partition and multi-structural temperature control.

Benefits you get:

Energy saving:

1. In comparison with conventional convection heating products

Aster far infrared heater saves 40-50% energy when compared with other conventional heating equipment. Central air conditioner and electric boiler typify conventional hot air convection equipment. Their operating costs comprise both the cost of power consumption and the cost of standby power consumption with the latter accounting for 20% of total energy cost. Aster far infrared heater features a thermal conversion rate of over 99% and effectively reduces the standby power consumption. When human body is under infrared heating system, the temperature it senses is about 2-3 Celsius degrees higher than the ambient temperature, which allows the temperature setting to be 2-3 Celsius degrees lower than that of the conventional convection heating system. Moreover, Aster far infrared heater warms the environment 70% faster than convectional heating products.

2. In comparison with similar products

Aster far infrared heater provides higher thermal efficiency than other similar products. Equipped with the Highlighted features as above, it is 1.3 to 1.7 times more thermal efficient than other far infrared heaters.

Health: far infrared light waves fall within the spectral absorption band of human body, prompting better metabolism and blood circulation for better health.

Comfort: holistic heating experience, free of noise, static electricity, dust and dry air.

Decoration: Customizable size and pattern.

Place to use:

Household, office, school, hospital, daycare, yoga studio, hotel, hair salon, studio etc.




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