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Professional team: Incorporated in 2008 and re-registered as Liaoning Hongtai Technology Co.,Ltd in 2016 after internal adjustments, Hongtai Technology is committed to R&D, manufacturing, sales and maintenance of electric heating products. We have been growing stronger with each passing year and take pride in serving our customers with products of better quality and greater innovative technology.

Cutting-edge technology: Increasing input in research and development has harvested a number of patented products. Our far infrared radiation and electric heating plate is the first of its kind in the world that empowers the integrated ceiling heating system with high thermal energy, low power and wide-angel radiation.

Quality first: From product design, procurement of raw materials to finished products, every step has gone through rigorous testing and stringent reliability testing to ensure safety, environmental protection and energy efficiency. Our products have obtained EU’s CE Certification and China’s national patent certification, and passed RoHS testing.

Customer foremost: It is our ultimate goal to provide the best heating solution and the most comfortable heating experience to our customers. We have provided technology innovations and product solutions to contractors of European countries and corporate clients.

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