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15 departments jointly issued a document: Promoting clean heating in districts and clean heating in northern counties

Recently, 15 departments including the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development jointly issued the "Opinions on Strengthening the Green and Low-Carbon Construction of County Towns" (hereinafter referred to as the "Opinions"), requesting all localities to improve the energy use efficiency of counties and vigorously develop resources that adapt to local resource endowments and needs. Renewable energy promotes clean district heating and clean heating in northern counties. The "Opinions" put forward relevant requirements for strengthening the green and low-carbon construction of county towns from 10 aspects, including: 1. Strictly observe the safety bottom line of county town construction; 2. Control the density and intensity of county town construction; 3. Limit the height of civil buildings in county towns; 4. County towns The construction should be coordinated with the natural environment; 5. Vigorously develop green buildings and building energy conservation; 6. Build green and economical infrastructure; 7. Strengthen the protection and inheritance of the county’s history and culture; 8. Build a green and low-carbon transportation system; 9. Create a humane Public environment; 10. Promote the overall construction method with block as a unit.

The county seat is the center of county economic and social development and the key node of urban-rural integrated development, and it is an important carrier for promoting the green development of urban and rural areas. The "Opinions" pointed out that all localities should select representative counties to carry out pilot projects based on actual conditions, and explore experience and practices that can be replicated and promoted. It is necessary to evaluate the status of green and low-carbon construction in counties in the region, summarize the results of work progress, and promote good experience models in a timely manner.

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