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Growthray-far infrared

We all know that sunlight is divided into visible light and invisible light, and infrared light is a kind of invisible light. In fact, in the natural world, all objects above absolute-zero (-273.15°C) can emit infrared light waves of different degrees, and also absorb infrared light waves emitted by other objects.

According to the infrared wavelength range, it is divided into near infrared, medium infrared, and far infrared. In different application areas, the scope of their division is also different:

1. Divide the three bands that can pass through the atmosphere into:

Near infrared band 1~3μm

Mid-infrared band 3~5μm

Far infrared band 8~14μm

2. According to the infrared spectrum, it is divided into:

Near infrared band 1~3μm

Mid-infrared band 3~40μm

Far-infrared band 40~1000μm

3. In chemical and physics, it is divided into:

Near-infrared band 0.78-2.5μm

Mid-infrared band 2.5-50μm

Far infrared band 50-1000μm

4. In the current field of medical and physical therapy, it is divided into:

Near-infrared band 0.8-1.5μm

Mid-infrared band 1.5-4μm

The far-infrared band is 4-1000 μm, and the wavelength band of 6-14 μm can be effectively absorbed by the living body, which is also called growthray.

The vast majority of human cells are water, the most effective absorption frequency of water molecules is about 6.27μm, and the most effective absorption frequency of human proteins is 8μm, so far-infrared rays in the 6-14μm band can be absorbed by the body and cause molecular atom resonances. The human body temperature rises as a result of thermal reactions through intermolecular friction.

Far-infrared benefits to the human body:

1, enhance blood circulation, increase oxygen content

2, promote metabolism, remove harmful substances such as heavy metals in the body

3, activate cells, delay aging

4, enhance immunity, enhance antibacterial ability

Aster far-infrared heating system can produce 8-14μm far-infrared that can be absorbed by the body. At the same time, it also has the characteristics of high thermal energy, low power, and instant heat in 3 seconds. The heating effect is outstanding and energy-efficient. In winter, Aster far infrared heating system can provide you with a warm and comfortable environment.

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