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Electric film heating

The electric heating film is to lay the electric heating film under the floor and the ceramic tile, and generate heat after being energized, and the heat is radiated into the room by radiation and convection, thereby increasing the indoor temperature. At present, the electric heating film floor heating on the market mainly includes a heating cable geothermal film, a carbon crystal geothermal film, and a graphene geothermal film.

The advantage is that it does not occupy space, is green and has a long service life. The disadvantage is that the heat loss rate is high, because the electric heating film is laid under the floor and the ceramic tile, the heat generated by it will be about 30% down and the heat is lost, and the remaining 70% of the heat is partially lost due to the barrier of the ground material, so the electric heating has a high heat loss rate and a low energy saving rate. In addition, when laying a room, the electric heating film requires multiple power connectors. Once the connector fails, there is a danger of electricity use, and the ground material needs to be removed for maintenance, and the maintenance cost is high.

Compared with electric heating film, Aster far infrared heating system has great advantages. Its heat is directly absorbed by human body through radiation, and the heat loss rate is almost zero. Its safety is tested by EU CE and RoSH, which is safe and environmentally friendly. It has a long service life, no maintenance, and the maintenance cost is basically zero. Aster far infrared heating system is an ideal heating product.

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