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Common fault of central air conditioners

    In daily use, central air conditioners are prone to malfunction in addition to regular cleaning and maintenance. The common faults of central air conditioning are as follows:
1. Noise: The noise is too large during operation or the vibration is too large.
2, water leakage: air filters, pipes and other leaks.
3, unable to heat or heating temperature is not up to standard.
4. The air duct is leaking, and the volume of the air supply port is too large or too small.
5. Leakage: Leakage caused by electrical (circuit, body) insulation damage.
6. Blockage: The air filter is clogged; the air inlet and outlet are blocked by obstacles.
7. The electrical line is broken; the fuse is blown: the contact of the overload protector is disconnected due to overheating or excessive current.
8. Burning: The winding of the compressor motor, the winding of the fan motor, the solenoid valve coil, the relay coil and the contacts are burnt.
9. Card: The compressor is stuck, the fan is stuck, and the bearing of the moving parts is stuck.
10. Damage: refers to the breakage of the compressor valve, the pulling of the piston, the breakage of the fan blades and the damage of various components.
In addition, the central air-conditioning heating is prone to dry and uncomfortable feeling. Aster far infrared heating products, in the case of no damage, zero failure, the service life can reach more than 20 years. At the same time,  there is no need for cleaning and maintenance. By using far-infrared radiation heating msystem,  Aster far infrared heater does not cause indoor drying, and provides a healthy and comfortable environment.

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