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How to choose a satisfactory electric heating plates?

Electric heating plates are popular in the market for its easy installation, beautiful appearance and practicality. There are many products for electric heating plates. How can we find the ideal electric heating plate products among many products? Today, let's learn about the matters that should be paid attention to when purchasing electric heating plates.

1. Whether the heat generation and the heating speed meet the needs : the ideal electric heating plate can generate a large amount of heat in a few minutes, and the heating speed is fast, so as to ensure that the room temperature reaches a comfortable temperature in a short time.The system will stop working after setting the temperature, and save energy. On the contrary, some electric heating plates have slow heating efficiency and heating speed are slow. They often need to work for several hours or even work all day, and the heating effect is not ideal, which wastes a lot of energy. We can measure the heating effect by the surface temperature. The higher the surface temperature, the greater the heat generation and the faster the heating speed.

2. Radiation mode and distance: radiation heating is the most ideal heating method at present, and its advantages are introduced in the previous article. Radiation heating is divided into traditional radiation and wide-angle radiation.Traditional radiation can only radiate to the same level as its size, while wide-angle radiation coverage is larger and the heating effect is better. Radiation distance is also a key factor affecting the heating effect. Considering the pitch and curvature of roof, bay and thickness, the radiation distance should be at least 3 meters, and the diatance less than 3 meters can not radiate heat to the whole house. Measuring the radiation distance can be done with a temperature measuring tool. For example, the electric heating plate is hung on the wall. We first measure the temperature of the opposite wall. After the electric heating plate works for a period of time, measure the temperature of the wall at the same position, for example, the temperature of the wall does not change. , or the temperature is not obvious, indicating that its radiation distance can not meet the indoor heating requirements.

wide angle rediation heating

traditional radiation heating

3. Safety and environmental protection: The safety and environmental protection level of the electric heating plate is very important. It is necessary to purchase the electric heating plate produced by the regular manufacturer to ensure that the product is fire retardant, contains no combustible materials, and has no toxic and harmful substances.
Aster Far  Infrared Heating Plate is the ideal electric heating product. The system works for 6-10 minutes, the plate surface temperature can reach above 100 °C, using Aster wide-angle radiation technology, the radiation distance is more than 3 meters. Contains no combustibles, no toxic or hazardous substances, fire retardant accredited by EU’s CE and RoHS certification.

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