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Electric heating in Gansu welcomes good news again

In order to give full play to the price leverage and promote the implementation of the objectives and tasks set in the "Gansu Province Winter Clean Heating Overall Plan (2017-2021)", after research, we hereby notify the following matters concerning the further improvement of the province's clean heating price support policy.

Clarify the price support policy for electric heating

(1) Scope of application. The province’s party and government agencies, enterprises and institutions, and urban and rural residents use electricity for electric heating equipment or heat pump technology (excluding mobile electric heaters and air conditioners), and heat supply companies use electric boilers or heat pump technology for heating.

(2) Price measures 1. Residents use electricity for heating. “One household, one meter” does not implement the tiered tariff policy for the heating period of urban and rural residents; the peak and valley time-of-use tariff policy is uniformly implemented, and the trough period is extended by two hours, and adjusted to 8:00-14:00, 20:00 every day At -24:00, the electricity price is based on the electricity price in the valley section of residential electricity consumption, and the electricity price in the valley section of residents' daily use is implemented in other periods. The non-heating period will resume the implementation of the current peak-valley time-of-use tariff and residential tiered tariff policies. Resident users can choose whether to implement the peak-valley time-of-use tariff policy. 2. Electricity for industrial and commercial heating. The trough period of the heating period is extended by two hours, adjusted to 1:00-5:00 and 11:00-17:00 every day, and the peak period is 7:00-9:00 and 18:00-24:00 every day. General industrial and commercial power users who have not participated in power market-oriented transactions shall implement the electricity prices in the general industrial and commercial electricity catalog for each period of time, and the current peak-valley time-of-use price policy shall be restored to the non-heating period. The electricity price for heating and heating of commercial industrial and commercial power users participating in the electricity market transaction is settled according to the mode of transmission and distribution price. The transmission and distribution price of the valley section is divided into voltage levels for general industrial and commercial and large industrial power consumption according to the power consumption category. 50% of the power transmission and distribution price standard, and the normal power transmission and distribution price standard for other periods. Support thermal storage and energy storage centralized heating and heating power supply companies and new energy power generation companies to determine the on-grid price through bilateral negotiation and centralized matching, and sign curved and time-based power generation and use contracts, and the floating ratio of the peak-to-valley price difference between the transaction on-grid power prices shall not be lower than the existing ones. There is a floating ratio of the peak-to-valley price difference of the catalog electricity price.

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