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Priorities for China's 2021 "Carbon Neutral" Year

Li Junfeng, executive director of the China Energy Research Society and a researcher at the National Center for Climate Change Strategy Research and International Cooperation, made an interpretation at the National Forum hosted by China News Service on the 19th. He pointed out that carbon neutrality is not just about energy, it is related to all aspects of the industrial chain. The goal of carbon neutrality will have a profound impact on the restructuring, restructuring and new international standards of the industrial chain in the next step.

Li Junfeng pointed out that in July of this year, before the EU announced its carbon neutral plan, more than 30 countries had announced carbon neutral targets, including Mexico and Maldives. Since then, China, Japan, and South Korea have successively proposed carbon neutral targets. The world’s important economies, that is, countries that account for 75% of global GDP and 65% of global carbon emissions, have begun to be carbon neutral.

"Carbon neutrality" means that an era of development based on fossil energy is beginning to end, a new romantic era has begun, an era of transition to non-fossil energy is coming, the world is pursuing a common goal and a common value—— Carbon neutral. This has a profound impact on the reorganization and reconstruction of the global industrial chain. For example, if the Apple mobile phone wants to be carbon neutral, then the company responsible for assembly must achieve carbon neutrality, the parts and raw materials provided for it must achieve carbon neutrality, and the companies that provide chips for it must also achieve carbon neutrality. Every link in the chain must be carbon neutral. Li Junfeng said that this will set a new standard for the industry chain. In the context of carbon neutrality, the world is carrying out new international cooperation, international division of labor, and the formation of international standards.

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