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Continue to promote clean heating in winter in northern regions

The transition to clean and low-carbon is faster. my country adheres to the basic national policy of conserving resources and protecting the environment, has established a dual control system for total energy consumption and intensity, and incorporated energy-saving indicators into performance evaluation systems such as ecological civilization and green development. Since the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan", my country has supported the medium-to-high-speed economic growth with an average annual growth rate of less than 3% in energy consumption, and energy utilization efficiency has been significantly improved; in 2020, the proportion of coal in total energy consumption will be reduced to 56.8%. The transformation of energy consumption structure to clean and low-carbon is accelerating. The quality of the supply capacity is stronger. Established a clear orientation of ecological priority and green development, deepened structural reforms on the energy supply side, and prioritized the development of non-fossil energy. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, my country's energy independent guarantee capacity has always remained above 80%, and the relationship between supply and demand has continued to improve; hydropower, wind power, photovoltaics, and nuclear power under construction and other indicators have maintained the world's number one position. By the end of 2020, it will be clean The installed capacity of energy power generation increased to 1.083 billion kilowatts, surpassing the installed capacity of coal power for the first time; it accounted for nearly 50% of the total installed capacity, reaching about 49.2%, and a diversified and clean energy supply system was established. More power for technological innovation. Vigorously implement the innovation-driven development strategy, build a green energy technology innovation system, and realize the accelerated transformation of technological innovation from "following and running side by side" to "innovating and leading". my country has established a complete clean energy equipment manufacturing industry chain, and the level of technology for the clean and efficient development and utilization of fossil energy has been significantly improved. The world's largest, safe and reliable power grid has been built, and the reliability of power supply ranks among the top in the world. A large number of new energy technologies, new models, and new business forms are booming, and technological progress has become the basic force driving the transformation of energy development. Market development is more dynamic. Deepen the market-oriented reforms in key energy fields and key links, build an energy market with effective competition, and improve the mechanism by which the market determines energy prices. The oil and gas exploration and development market has been liberalized in an orderly manner. Key progress has been made in the reform of the oil and gas pipeline network operation mechanism, and the separation of pipeline transmission and sales businesses has been achieved; the construction of a unified national power market system has been actively promoted, and medium and long-term transactions have been gradually established as a "ballast stone" The ancillary service market is a "stabilizer" and the spot trial is a "test field" power market system; the reform of "decentralization, management and service" has achieved significant results, and 72% of the approval items for decentralization have been cancelled, making it easier for market entities and the people to do business and start businesses. International cooperation is fully developed. Follow the principle of mutual benefit and win-win to carry out international cooperation, actively participate in global energy governance, jointly maintain the stability of the global energy market, and guide international cooperation in response to climate change. my country has substantially relaxed foreign investment access, promoted energy trade and investment liberalization and facilitation, and actively promoted cross-border and trans-regional energy infrastructure connectivity. Initiated the establishment of "One Belt One Road" energy partnership with 29 countries, actively participated in international energy cooperation under multilateral mechanisms, and significantly increased its positive influence on the international energy stage.

Looking internationally, the world today is undergoing a broader and deeper technological revolution and industrial transformation, and energy development is showing trends in low-carbon, electrified, and intelligent energy. The impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic is widespread and far-reaching, the international energy market has increased volatility, and the global energy governance system has been deeply adjusted. This puts forward higher requirements for my country to establish a clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient energy system. Looking at the country, since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, my country has unswervingly followed the new path of high-quality energy development and has achieved positive results in implementing the "four revolutions, one cooperation" new energy security strategy. The fundamentals of my country's long-term economic improvement have not changed, and there are many advantages and conditions to promote energy development. The dilemma of the energy transition is superimposed and evolving, and the problem of inadequate and unbalanced development is still prominent. Peak carbon emissions and low-carbon emissions have become hard constraints on my country's energy development. This puts forward new and higher requirements for my country to rationally plan the path of energy transition and continue to promote the high-quality development of energy. We will dialectically look at the multiple challenges encountered in the current energy security development, adhere to the bottom line thinking, strengthen development confidence, concentrate on doing our own affairs, and resolutely implement the "National Economic and Social Development" adopted by the Fourth Session of the Thirteenth National People’s Congress. The 14th Five-Year Plan and the Outline of the 2035 Long-Term Goals" make important decisions and deployments for energy development, and coordinate the important relationships between development and security, government and market, central and local governments, supply and energy conservation, and realize the "14th Five-Year Plan". Energy development is off to a good start.

Aster far infrared heating products, national patent technology, high efficiency, energy saving, safety and environmental protection, has passed the national laboratory testing, EU CE certification, RoHS, EMC electromagnetic compatibility testing, exported to Europe, is an ideal electric heating products.

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