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Analysis of winter heating problems in large office buildings in Ireland

The winter heating method in Ireland is mainly based on central air-conditioning. There are many problems in central office air-conditioning heating in large office spaces. Here are a few common problems:

1. The heating time is too long: the central air conditioner is a traditional convection heating method, and the heat transfer speed is slow. If the central air conditioner is used for a long time, or the configuration is not high, its heating speed is slower, and it is often impossible to achieve intermittent work, which requires continuous operation throughout the day and consumes a lot of energy.

2, the temperature is uneven: the central air conditioner is prone to some high air outlet temperature, and some air outlet temperature is low. Multi-storey office buildings or workshops are prone to high temperatures on the first floor, low temperatures on the second floor, or low temperatures on the first floor and high temperatures on the second floor. Uneven temperature results in low comfort and reduced work efficiency.

3, high maintenance and maintenance costs: central air conditioning needs regular maintenance, and is prone to a variety of faulty problems, high maintenance and maintenance costs.

There are still many other drawbacks in central air conditioning, which are not listed here. The Aster far infrared system is currently the ideal electric heating product, especially for large office spaces and factories. Aster far infrared system has many advantages such as high heat, 3 seconds instant heat, safety and environmental protection. At the same time, it uses radiant heating method to directly transfer heat to human body, wall, ground and objects without heating air. The radiation distance can reach 3.5 meters, the heat can cover the entire space. The Aster far infrared system is mainly used for integrated ceilings and can also be wall-mounted and does not occupy an effective space. It is suitable for many occasions.

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