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Summary of "Dual Carbon" goals and plans in 31 provinces and cities 3

21. Heilongjiang "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: to promote innovation-driven development to achieve new breakthroughs, and strive to be the pioneer of the Republic to break through more "stuck neck" technologies. The key task in 2021: implement the carbon peak requirements. Implement clean heating projects such as coal-to-gas and coal-to-electricity conversion according to local conditions, and optimize the layout of wind power and photovoltaic power generation. Establish a rigid restraint system for water resources. 22.Fujian "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: thoroughly implement Xi Jinping’s thoughts on ecological civilization, continue to implement the ecological province strategy, focus on the carbon peak and carbon neutral goals, comprehensively establish a green development orientation, build a modern environmental governance system, and strive to achieve a more ecological environment beautiful. Key tasks in 2021: Innovate carbon trading market mechanisms and vigorously develop carbon sink finance. Develop green energy, improve the green manufacturing system, accelerate the construction of green industry demonstration bases, and implement the creation of green buildings. Promote green and low-carbon development. Formulate and implement an action plan to reach the peak of carbon dioxide emissions, support Xiamen and Nanping to take the lead in reaching the peak, and promote pilot projects of low-carbon cities, low-carbon parks, and low-carbon communities.

23.Shandong "14th Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: to create a "hydrogen power corridor" in Shandong Peninsula and vigorously develop green buildings. Reduce the intensity of carbon emissions, formulate a carbon peak carbon neutral implementation plan. Key tasks in 2021: Speed up the construction of the third phase of the 300,000-ton crude oil terminal in Lanshan Port Area of Rizhao Port. Grasp the construction of the second phase pumped storage power stations in Yimeng, Wendeng, Weifang, and Taian. Reduce a batch of coking capacity. Strictly implement coal consumption reduction alternatives, deepen the use of comprehensive evaluation results of unit energy consumption and output efficiency, and force enterprises with low energy consumption and output efficiency to integrate and clear out. Promote the construction of Qingdao Sino-German Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park. 24.Henan "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: build a low-carbon and efficient energy support system, implement power "grid source storage" optimization, stabilize coal production and increase reserves, improve oil and gas security capabilities, new energy quality improvement projects, and enhance diversified external introduction capabilities. Optimize the energy structure of the province. Continue to reduce carbon emission intensity, and reduce the proportion of coal in total energy consumption by about 5 percentage points. Key tasks in 2021: vigorously promote energy conservation and carbon reduction. Formulate an action plan for peaking carbon emissions, explore energy budget management and regional energy assessment, improve the dual control system for energy consumption, and establish and improve initial allocation and market-based trading mechanisms for energy use rights and carbon emission rights.

25. Hubei "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: to promote the regional development layout of "one main lead, two wings drive, and global coordination", accelerate the construction of a modern industrial system led by strategic emerging industries, led by advanced manufacturing, and driven by modern service industries, and build digital Hubei strives to build an important node in the domestic big cycle and a strategic link between the domestic and international double cycles. Key tasks in 2021: Research and formulate a provincial carbon peak plan, and carry out the construction of a near-zero carbon emission demonstration zone. Speed up the construction of a national carbon emission rights registration and settlement system. Vigorously develop a circular economy and a low-carbon economy, and foster and expand the energy conservation, environmental protection, and clean energy industries. Promote the construction of green buildings, green factories, green products, green parks, and green supply chains. Strengthen the R&D and manufacturing, industrialization and demonstration application of advanced and applicable green technologies and equipment.

26.Hunan "14th Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: implement the national carbon emission peaking action plan, adjust and optimize the industrial structure and energy structure, build an economic system for green and low-carbon circular development, and promote a comprehensive green transformation of economic and social development. Accelerate the establishment of an ecological civilization system with clear property rights, diverse participation, and equal emphasis on incentives and constraints. Key task in 2021: accelerate the promotion of green and low-carbon development. Develop environmental governance and green manufacturing industries, promote the green transformation of key industries such as steel, building materials, electroplating, petrochemicals, and papermaking, and vigorously develop prefabricated buildings and green buildings. Support exploring the creation of zero-carbon demonstrations. 27. Guangdong "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: to create a demonstration site for rule convergence, a gathering place for high-end elements, a source of technological industry innovation, a site for internal and external circulation, and a support site for safe development, and take the lead in exploring effective paths that are conducive to the formation of a new development pattern. Key tasks in 2021: implement national carbon peak and carbon neutral deployment requirements, promote carbon emissions peaks by region and industry, and deepen carbon trading pilots. Accelerate the adjustment and optimization of the energy structure, vigorously develop clean energy such as natural gas, wind energy, solar energy, and nuclear energy, and increase the proportion of natural gas in primary energy. Study and establish an energy budget management system to strictly control new high-energy-consuming projects.

28.Hainan "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: to promote three advantageous industries, including clean energy, energy conservation and environmental protection, and high-end food processing. The installed capacity of clean energy accounts for about 80%, and the installed capacity of renewable energy power generation has increased by 4 million kilowatts. The ownership of clean energy vehicles and the ratio of vehicles to piles have reached the national lead. Key tasks in 2021: Research and formulate action plans for peaking carbon emissions. The proportion of clean energy installed capacity is increased to 70%, realizing the full consumption of distributed power generation. 29.Sichuan Development goals and tasks of the 14th Five-Year Plan: Energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions reduction per unit of regional GDP have completed the national targets and tasks, the quality of the atmosphere and water bodies has improved significantly, and the forest coverage has continued to increase; the comprehensive food production capacity has remained stable, and the energy has been integrated. Production capacity has been significantly enhanced, and development safety guarantees have become more effective. Key tasks in 2021: formulate an action plan for peaking carbon dioxide emissions, and promote the trading of energy rights and carbon emissions rights. Continue to promote the "dual control" of energy consumption and total intensity, and implement electric energy substitution projects and key energy-saving projects. Advocate a green lifestyle, implement the "CD Action", build a conservation-oriented society, and create conservation-oriented institutions.

30. Shaanxi "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" development goals and tasks: The quality of the ecological environment continues to improve, the green transformation of production and lifestyle has achieved remarkable results, and the mountains of the Sanqin Mountains are greener, the water is clearer, and the sky is bluer. Key task in 2021: Promote green and low-carbon development. Accelerate the implementation of "three lines and one single" ecological environment zoning management and control, and actively create a national ecological civilization experimental zone. Carry out research on carbon peaking and carbon neutrality, and formulate provincial-level peaking action plans. Actively promote clean production, vigorously develop energy conservation and environmental protection industries, in-depth implementation of the dual control of total energy consumption and intensity, and promote market-based trading of carbon emission rights. 31. Gansu "14th Five-Year" development goals and tasks: make good use of carbon peak and carbon neutral opportunities, promote the energy revolution, accelerate the construction of green integrated energy bases, and build an important national modern energy integrated production base, reserve base, output base and strategic channel . Adhere to the ecological industry as the main means of transformation and structural adjustment, promote industrial ecologicalization and ecological industrialization, promote the conversion of ecological value to economic value, accelerate the development of green finance, and comprehensively improve the level of green and low-carbon development. The key task in 2021: prepare the provincial carbon emission peaking action plan. Encourage Gannan to develop carbon sink projects and actively participate in national carbon market transactions. Improve the province's environmental rights and interests trading platform.

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