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From January 1, 2021, the Xinjiang central electric heating valley price is 0.165 yuan/kWh

In order to implement the decision and deployment of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on further deepening the reform of the power system and the reform of the price mechanism, continue to promote the reform of electricity prices, and further reduce the cost of social electricity, in accordance with the unified deployment of the National Development and Reform Commission, with the consent of the autonomous region people’s government, recently, the autonomous region The National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice of the Development and Reform Commission of the Autonomous Region on Matters Concerning the Adjustment of Electricity Prices in Xinjiang Power Grid" (Xin Fa Gai Gui [2020] No. 13, hereinafter referred to as the "Notice"), which will be implemented on January 1, 2021.

One is to strictly implement the transmission and distribution prices approved by the state. Xinjiang power grid transmission and distribution prices are implemented in accordance with the "Notice of the National Development and Reform Commission on Approving Provincial Power Transmission and Distribution Prices for 2020-2022" (Fagai Price Regulation [2020] No. 1508). The second is to achieve the same price for the sale of electricity in the large industrial electricity catalog. The sales price of Xinjiang Power Grid Industry Catalog is uniformly adjusted to: electricity price of 1-10 kV 0.378 yuan/kWh, 35 kV 0.356 yuan/kWh, 110 kV 0.336 yuan/kWh, and 220 kV and above 0.310 yuan /KWh; the basic electricity fee is charged according to the maximum demand or the capacity of the transformer, which are respectively 33 yuan/kW·month and 26 yuan/kVA·month. Peak and valley time-of-use electricity prices are adjusted accordingly. Cancel the high energy consumption electricity price classification such as ferroalloy and electrolytic caustic soda The third is to improve the electricity price policy for electric heating. Clarify the market-oriented special trading electric heating price for households, including: decentralized electric heating 0.22 yuan/kWh, centralized electric heating at flat section 0.24 yuan/kWh, valley section 0.165 yuan/kWh; lower electric heating transmission and distribution prices by classification , Including: Residents' distributed electric heating transmission and distribution price uniformly reduced to 0.13 yuan/kWh in the flat section, centralized electric heating transmission and distribution prices fell to 0.15 yuan/kWh in the flat section, and 0.075 yuan/kWh in the valley section; reduced electricity simultaneously The heating catalog sales electricity price is uniformly adjusted to 0.345 yuan/kWh for flat section, 0.253 yuan/kWh for valley section, and 0.525 yuan/kWh for peak section. The fourth is to channel waste incineration power generation and share the electricity costs. The State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. implements an on-grid electricity price of 0.1 yuan/kWh for the entire district’s waste incineration power generation project to share the electricity fee. The "Notice" clarified that the electricity for electric heating related to residents' lives will be guaranteed by the Xinjiang Electric Power Trading Center Co., Ltd. to organize a special market-oriented transaction of electricity. The scope of implementation of market-based special transactions for electric heating and electricity, including urban and rural residential houses, unit dormitories, prisons, central heating enterprises, schools, hospitals, social welfare sites, religious sites, and urban and rural communities that currently implement electricity prices for residents Residential committees, etc., and places closely related to people's lives (office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, stations, etc.) for electric heating. The execution time is from October 1st to April 30th of the following year, and the corresponding classified sales price shall be implemented for electricity consumption at other times. At the same time, encourage users who are not included in the special transaction to implement the electric heating catalog sales price to independently participate in the electricity market-oriented transaction, implement the electric heating transmission and distribution price, and form the household electricity price through market-oriented transactions. The "Notice" requires that the State Grid Xinjiang Electric Power Co., Ltd. shall simultaneously adjust the meter and settlement method in accordance with the determined electric heating price level to increase the sense of acquisition of the people and enterprises. Price authorities at all levels and power grid companies must carefully organize and make careful arrangements, do a good job of publicity and interpretation, and actively serve companies to ensure that various policies are implemented in time. On the whole, after the implementation of the above price adjustment work, the company’s electricity cost has been reduced, and the company has basically realized its own The reform goal of governing the district with the same grid and the same price is conducive to promoting green development and fair electricity consumption in all regions, conducive to the sharing of reform results in the whole district, increasing the sense of acquisition of the people and enterprises, and conducive to the establishment of a fair and just electricity price management mechanism, and further optimization The electricity price environment in our district. The first is to reduce and unify the sales electricity prices of the large industrial catalogs in 13 prefectures, and solve the problem of the same price of the large industries on the same network and the inversion of electricity prices in the industrial and commercial electricity catalogs. After the price adjustment, the sales price of large industrial catalogues has been reduced by an average of 7.33% (among which, the average decrease in southern Xinjiang is as high as 20%). Taking into account the country's reduction of transmission and distribution prices, it is expected to reduce the electricity cost of large industrial enterprises in the region by 1.3 billion yuan each year. the above. The second is to clarify the price level of electric heating to households, to make the price of electric heating more clear and transparent, so that ordinary people can directly feel the dividends brought by the electricity price reform, and it is also conducive to the implementation of electricity prices and social supervision. It is to promote the application of electric heating and the coal reform in southern Xinjiang. The smooth implementation of the electrical engineering has laid the foundation. The third is to combine the actual construction of waste incineration power generation projects, fulfilling the on-grid tariff for waste incineration power generation and sharing the electricity fee, which will further promote the development of the waste incineration power generation industry in our district.

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